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Dog alert: If you have allergies or are afraid of dogs let me know ahead of time. 

Appointment time: If you arrive early please just wait until your appointment time before knocking. 

Recordings: You are more than welcome to record your session. I don't offer this service as most people can record on their phones now. If you wish to record PLEASE figure out how to prior to coming for your session.

Services offered as of Feb 21/18

Psychic Readings (In person, phone or skype)

30min reading, $80
additional 15mins $40

Generally most clients only require a 30min session. Occasionally an additional 15min may be requested. The amount of time required by each client has to be booked prior to your appointment date/time.

Psychic readings are directed toward a clients life situations and events. The areas that come forward such as Relationships, Career paths and Finances etc

Within the first couple of minutes of connecting to a person (as long as they are open)  I receive the information about what is on their minds and the areas that need to be discussed. 

Unless a person wishes to discuss multiple members of their family along with their own life situations that additional time would be required.

Phone reading, please 289 670 1921 five minutes before your appointment time

Amy's Skype address is amycleere73

Psychic Parties 
30mins $80
Parties are held at the host/hostess home. Readings are held in a separate room with a table and two chairs away from the party. 

Spiritual Healing/Guidance - 1.5hrs $150
This type of session involves a healing. A healing involves a client laying down and allowing your spirit guide/s and beings to bring forward healing to clear blocks and pinpoint areas of your body that need some work. This information can pinpoint troubled areas of the physical body and emotional state and help to clear these areas. Healings require a minimum of 2 sessions to help shift the energy.

Payment: Telephone or Skype readings: Interac e-Transfer (payment required at least the day before a reading)Pay on the day: Cash Only 

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Email: unitedhealing@yahoo.ca  or Call: 905 699 6290