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Testimonials from clients
I've known Amy for just over 2 years and have always found her to be in-tune and always with the best intentions for her clients. Really words make this seem kind of irrelevant...what Amy has done for me is boundless...she helped me to see myself, thru seeing myself I'm better able to deal with the people in my life (family, work) also to better deal with a variety of stressor's I have right now.  Debbie C. 2013
Information received from Spirit, via Amy, is what is needed to be heard of at that time. it always amazes me. There is so much she has a talent for. She is a phenomenal channeler, healer and teacher. Amy's meditations are wonderful and powerful. So much of what I have learned from her can't always be found in a book. She is guided by Spirit, so one never knows what to expect. But it is always what is needed.  Amy is a very giving, caring individual. She helps you on your path by giving guidence and giving you the tools to help you find the answers.  Thank you Amy for all that you do. Ingrid, 2013
 I have known  Amy for sometime now and she came into my life when I was running very low on physical, emotional and social fronts. There are a number of things Amy has helped me with, all her tools have been instrumental in alleviating my physical and emotional pain. She has successfully developed several spiritual exercises and plans that have resulted in increased success of my life. Amy has immense sense of Spiritual logic, guidance and direction that has been of great assisstance to me. I am only blessed and greatful to God for letting such a beautiful gift of Amy touch my life. 
Aarty, 2009

My first reading with Amy came at a spontaneous moment that changed my life forever. She passed on messages to me that verified a truth about myself that I had been struggling with for sometime. I had never expressed to her this private issue and yet she defined for me what I knew instantly to be messages from my guides. These messages have become a foundation on which I have grown from in very special ways. I am extremely grateful to her for sharing her gifts. Amy can see a universal clarity that so few psychics can. She has developed a communication protocol that will inform but also protect those she reads for. I have always felt completely safe in receiving information from her as I know it comes through positivity, light and love. Her heart is within her work and she will always intend to support people and their spiritual developments. Krista, 2009

When I met Amy I was desperately looking for answers. I was very impressed when I had my first reading, it was like Amy had known me for years. She was very accurate with the things that were going on in my life and she was very interested in helping me heal. She is so kind and caring when she works with you. Amy has taught me about meditation, chakras, healing and to listen to my inner guidance. She has me back on the track and I am doing well. God has truly blessed Amy with some very amazing gifts. I am so grateful to have met her. Thank you Amy for your guidance and support. 
Jeanette, 2010
I first met Amy through a mutual friend who called me and said come and meet this woman she is a seer. I went and found her to be a lovely, warm hearted person. She was funny very light person knowing that she talked to spirits I was a little apprehensive because I was a novice at the time with things like this.  My husband had recently passed away and she could see him and he stepped forward. A message came through and I was pleased with her reading.  Amy and I became good friends I found her easy to talk to about spirits and her passion rubbed off on me and any fear I had for this sort of thing disappeared. Laura, 2009
I was very satisfied with my reading with Amy. She is very professional, methodic and has the best intentions to help you find the answers you need. She even mentioned things that I didn't remember myself. Now I have 
a different outlook on my life thanks to her. Maria M. 2015
I had a reading with Amy a couple of months ago. It was amazing how she connected to my situations in my life. The personalities of people that are in my life she was right on!!! Things that no one would know about me she had revealed and that just clarified to me how intuitive she is. She has an amazing gift, intuition, which has helped me in my life. Think next reading is a ladies night PJ party reading with some friends LOL Thank you Amy. Heather T. 2015
I had a reading with Amy a few months back, I had just recently lost my brother to whom I was very close, he came through along with my mom. She verified this by mentioning personal family members that she could not have had any knowledge of. Also she described the personality of my brother and mom to which I laughed and cried and came away feeling comforted by my reading. Bonnie 2014